Real estate agent will be the best advisor for your inheritance.


About half of Japanese asset is accounted by real estate.
Unlike cash or securities, real estate is not dividable. Solving real estate issues will be the key to successful resolution.

Most people consult tax consultant or lawyer regarding inheritance. However, is that the best decision? I have seen tax agents pay extra taxes, due to the lack of real estate knowledge. Also lawyers unnecessary complicated the process and charged extra fees.

We are real estate professionals who are specialized in asset valuation, ownership and taxes involving inheritance.

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Change in inheritance.


Our cultural practices and family living style have been changing with time.

Unlike in the past, the eldest son and his family do not necessary take care of his parents.

In that situation, we have seen circumstances where the eldest son’s sibling who nursed their parents would demand more inheritance.

It is not easy to put a value on the family’s claims.

In many cases, a resolution is not met due to emotional issues between family members.

In these situations, it is the best to have an experienced third party to mediate the issue.

We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction regarding the resolution of your inheritance contract.

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Do not know where to start.


There are many procedures that need to happen after one passes away.

Health insurance, long term care insurance, inhabitant tax, property tax, national pension, welfare pension are the some issues that need to be taken care including the inheritance of real estate.

Among them, there are some documents need to be completed within a time period. (For example, you need to file for inheritance tax deduction within the first 10 months.)

These are complicated processes including negotiation with family members.

On behalf of you, we can complete all these complicated procedures.

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Consultation for the inheritance of real estate.


According to the census in 2016, the population of Japan has decreased for the first time since 1920.Everybody knows in the recent years, the prices of real estate in the city have gone up. However, in the majority of other places, the prices of real estate have stayed the same or decreased. Accompanied by the decrease in the population and the migration of people into cities, prices of real estate will be relatively stable in cities. On the other hand, the prices of real estate will drastically decrease outside of the city.

If the land or real estate is not in use, we will recommend sell it because there is a high risk of decreasing price of real estate and the taxes are not cheap. After receiving the quo for the real estate, you can come up with a better financial plan.

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Greeting from the president

Hiroo Ishikura's massage

"Please leave the consultation
about inheritance to our experts"

Our company operates mainly in the metropolitan area. A company that provides inheritance services that specializes in real estate solutions.
Having been involved in various inheritance issues over the last 10 years, I have realized that a harmonious solution is the most economically effective.
Relationships cannot be bought with money. We will take the time to help you in good faith to ensure a satisfactory inheritance.


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